The air bathtub can be set up in the bed by just
shifting the user’s posture without moving
them out of bed. Avoiding the accidents, like
falling off the bathtub. Its compact storage
allows a single caregiver to carry, set up and
put away the air bathtub in a moment.
*Even a 180cm-tall person can stretch out.

The mattress uses “Especially high-density
soft polyurethane foam”. Its dual structure
with moderate resiliency gently supports
the body to prevent the bedsores.
It connects to the air bathtub with an
inward drainage system.
*Liberty Himawari (automatic excretion treatment apparatus)
is also available with this device.

Set up frame poles as a bed guard, with a
cover sheet preventing water splash over the
walls or floor. The user can bathe at ease
within a room.